Ultima modifica: 18 Settembre 2020

Co-responsibility agreement (to be signed in the electronic register – circular 12)

Concerning the measures to prevent, contain and combat the spread of SARSCoV-2 and coronavirus disease COVID-19

The parents declare under their own responsibility:

  • to know the rules to prevent contagion;
  • to commit themselves to come to school and pick up their children immediately if they know that they have temperature (fever), strong cough or cold.
  • to answer the phone when the school calls (please give the teachers at least two phone numbers)
  • If the child feels sick at school, the parent is notified by the school itself, accompanies the child to the swab (tampon) point with a self-certification form provided by the school and notifies their pediatrician.
  • If the child feels sick at home, the parents call their pediatrician as soon as possible.

The parents declare also:

  • that no family member is in quarantine or has tested positive for Covid-19;
  • to keep the child at home in the presence of fever (equal to or higher than 37.5 °C) or other symptoms such as sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, loss of smell or taste and to inform the pediatrician as soon as possible;
  • to accept that, in case of discomfort, the child’s temperature is measured with an infrared thermometer.
  • to accept that, in the event of a fever (temperature equal to or higher than 37.5°), the school will accompany the child or adolescent to a dedicated space until the arrival of the parents
  • to know that, in case of positivity, their child will not be able to be readmitted to school activities until he or she is fully recovered: this is certified according to the protocols provided;
  • that they are aware that their child will have to comply with the health and hygiene regulations within the school;
  • that they have been informed by the school of all organisational and hygienic health and safety regulations for the safety and containment of the risk of spreading Covid-19 infection
  • to check that the child has a surgical or community mask in his or her schoolbag.
  • to provide the child with a personal plastic water bottle or bottle from which they can drink
  • to remind their child not to leave personal material and belongings at school.

The signing of this agreement commits the parties to respect it in good faith. From a legal point of view, it does not release the parents signatories from any liability in the event of non-compliance with the regulations on the containment of the Covid-19 epidemic, the ordinary regulations on safety in the workplace and national guidelines.

Thank you